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10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Vacation

Proper planning can mean the difference in having the time of your life or being completely stressed your entire trip. It is so important to know how to plan in order for things to go smoothly and to save the most money. I use the same process every time I travel. It is 10 simple steps and it allows me to have zero worries (well, almost zero) on the day of departure.  1. Give Yourself Time Planning vacations don’t just happen. It’s a lot of work to get a good deal. Giving yourself enough time to shop around and book within certain windows will help tremendously with budgeting. You also don’t want to rush into a trip without researching and having that time to really learn about your location and figure out what you want to do.  2. Pick a Destination Seems like common sense, right? You can’t very well plan a vacation without a destination. If you’re anything like me, this can often be more difficult than anticipated. I have so many adventures and not enough time or mo

Packing for Europe in Winter

Being from the South, it gets cold, but not like COLD. So, I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to pack. I did a lot of reading about the weather conditions in Germany this time of year in preparation for my journey. I wanted to be warm enough, but I don’t like to be frumpy and feel like my range of motion is limited.  After much deliberation, this is what I took… 4 Sweaters  – I opted for a grey, green, neutral and soft pink. They were versatile and could make numerous outfits. 4 Light weight long sleeve shirts  – Just basic colors. These are your layers, so they aren’t really visable. 4 Pairs of leggings  – Thin enough to wear under stuff, but still provided warmth. 2 Pairs of jeans  – Since you’re wearing leggings, your jeans can last longer than usual. I took one dark and one light pair. 4 Wool/warm socks  – A necessity because nobody likes to have cold toes. 4 Regular socks  – Wear them under your wool socks for extra warmth.  6 Pairs of underwear  

5 Tips for Packing in a Carry-on (or any bag)

I pride myself on packing light. There is nothing more stressful than worrying about your luggage being lost, or worse…actually losing your luggage. You don’t have to worry about waiting at baggage claim when you reach your final destination. Instead, you can get right to the fun! I’ve found that packing in a carry-on isn’t as difficult as one might think. It does require a minimalist mindset, but that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of taking your favorite outfit or accessory. Here are a few quick tips to help you pack better whether that be in a carry-on or a full size suitcase. Fold it like Marie I was always told that rolling your clothes saves the most space. The lie detector test has determined that is a lie. As someone who has traveled a good amount in my short twenty-four years, I’ve found that folding your clothes like Marie Kondo is the best method. It saves a TON of room. All of your items stack and pack neatly in the suitcase without too many wrinkles

Travel Tips to Save You Money

I’m going to shoot you straight. Traveling can be expensive! You have to account for accommodations, transportation, activities, food, etc. When you add it all up, it can get pretty pricey, but it doesn’t have to . There are simple tricks you can apply to any vacation to save money and optimize your spending. I’m sure you have heard of some of these tips, but I’ll give my take on the matter anyway. I’ve spent what feels like thousands of hours (probably pretty close) trying to get the best travel deals I can. It’s allowed me to travel more often and for much less than average. Set a budget and stick to it. Adjust your travel to fit your budget, not your budget to fit your travel. If you want to spend XX amount of dollars on this trip,then only spend XX amount of dollars. You might not get a first class ticket or stay at a 5-star resort, but you’ll save yourself the stress. The value of a stress free vacation is underrated and can add so much value to your experience. If

Boston on a Budget

Ahhh Boston. Probably one of my favorite cities to date. So much history. So much to see and do. I could go back dozens of times and never get tired of it.  For this post I’m going to break it down by accommodations, transportation, and activities. This is just a general overview. Not too much detail. If you would like more details, feel free to contact me! I keep all of my receipts for travel, so I can get you a pretty good cost estimate if needed. This is based on my few short trips to Boston.  So, feel free to add your opinions and suggestions in the comments! Accommodations Staying in a hotel in Boston can get expensive, especially going during the summer months (peak season). Usually I stay on the outskirts of town in Burlington, Woburn, etc. Rooms are more affordable, but you are still close enough for public transportation and the city amenities. Plus, most hotels in larger cities don't offer free parking. Staying just outside the city can save you upwards of

NOLA for Under $60

New Orleans is always a favorite tourist destination. Most people flock to the city for the infamous Bourbon Street. Something about the aroma of ammonia and garbage captivates thousands of people every year. Don’t ask me why, it’s an experience only truly understood in person. While certain parts of New Orleans are very smelly and dirty, there is plenty to see and do without experiencing that. I’ve had my fair share of day trips to NOLA. All of which allotted very little time to the famed party street. First, wear your walking shoes. The best (and cheapest) way to see the sights are by foot. Never fear, there are some stents of sitting to give your legs a rest. Secondly, I pride myself on seeing the wonders of the world on a budget. So, I’m going to tell yo u how to see NOLA for under $60 .   Keep in mind there are 2 of us, so I cut some of the totals in half to get a ‘per person’ price. My suggestion is to park near the French Quarter. There are parking lots all aroun