Easy DIY Natural Toothpaste

Alright y’all…I lied on the last post. THIS is the easiest DIY ever! I mean the title says 2-minutes, but honestly its much quicker. As usual, I’ll list the ingredients, give a little overview over each and then do a cost analysis.

Directions: Melt the coconut oil, add essential oils and baking soda. Stir until thickened. It should still be runny enough to pour into the container. Add more baking soda if needed. Leave sitting to solidify. 

Baking Soda 

Baking Soda often gets a bad reputation, but it has some surprising benefits. The Journal of the American Dental Association actually has an entire article dedicated to the subject. To break it down for you, baking soda is fairly low abrasive. This makes it a safe option for daily usage, even for you hard brushers (you know who you are). Despite its low abrasiveness, it is still very effective in whitening the teeth. If you drink coffee and sweet tea like I do, this is a huge deal. Not only will it help you achieve that movie star smile, but it will keep your mouth healthy and your breath in check. It helps fight plaque and keeps the gross oral bacteria at bay. 

Coconut Oil

Probably every DIY-ers best friend. It has so many uses, its ridiculous. No reason to be shocked to find it has benefits for your teeth as well. Like baking soda, coconut oil fights bacteria that live in the mouth and cause plaque and cavities. Oil pulling is an age old remedy for cleaning the teeth and promoting gum health. A small studyconducted in 2015 said that oil pulling can have a significant decrease on plaque-induced gingivitis. 

What does it cost?

As always, I do my cost comparison at Walmart because it is so wide spread and more accessible to rural areas. These aren’t necessarily the best deals, it is more so for a reference. You can get the same size baking soda at Whole Foods for a dollar. So, always check your local stores to see what deals you can get. 
So, since you only use a tablespoon per recipe, you get about 16 containers of toothpaste from one shopping trip. Mine usually lasts about a month, brushing twice daily. That means this one shopping trip makes enough toothpaste for over a YEAR! 
What does each container cost you? Hold on to your seats now cause I don’t want you to fall out of them…… 0.50 cents. Yes, you read that correctly. It costs you FIFTY CENTS per container. Compared to buying normal tubes of toothpaste, you’ll save roughly $40 bucks a year just on toothpaste. 
This is an easy DIY that just about anyone can do. Most people won’t even have to go buy any ingredients, as baking soda and coconut oil are kitchen favorites. Make sure to pin this recipe on your Pinterestfor easy access and quick reference!