Essential Oils: Cedarwood

Just the name makes you want to take a ski trip. Or maybe drink wine by the fire in your pajamas in a log cabin in the woods. (That would be me!) Any who, cedarwood essential oil has a lot of hidden uses and benefits. It isn’t one people really think of when they talk about essential oils. It has become one of my favorites and I use it in all sorts of things!


The cedar tree in which the essential oil is derived is native to cold climates and high altitudes. The oil is actually extracted from the wood pieces of the tree. This is unique since the oils usually comes from the leaves, needles, flowers, etc of trees. Like basically all essential oils, people have been using cedarwood oil for centuries. Egyptians used it during the embalming process, while other cultures used it for incense and to treat infections. It smells delightful. The odor isn’t overpowering at all!


Hair care. Cedarwood stimulates the hair follicles which increases hair growth. Studies show that when paired with other essential oils, it increased hair growth in 44% of people. Your hair follicle, just like the rest of your body, needs good blood flow. Cedarwood helps to improve blood circulation so that you can have luscious locks. Not to mention it also helps with dry and flaky scalps. 
Skin issues. Eczema, acne, dryness…whatever it may be that ales your skin, cedarwood can probably help. SO, basically cedarwood controls your body’s production of sebum and it fixes all your problems. No, but really it can make a HUGE difference. With acne for example, cedarwood prevents dust and microbes from entering the pores of the skin, thus no bumps. It has proven results! In the case of eczema, it also regulates the body’s sebum production, reduces inflammation and dryness. It also has proven results!
Menstruation. Its not gross, its just something that happens and we can’t do a thing about it. If you don’t have troubles with your cycle, I truly envy you. Because cedarwood is an emmenagogue, it jump starts your menstrual cycle. If you’re late, start rubbing on the cedarwood! On top of that, it can eliviate a lot of the symptoms associated with menstruation. So all those hormones, cramps, bloating, nausea, etc can be easily fixed with regular usage of this little gem of a oil. That’s the key though, REGULAR USAGE! You can’t rub it on once and expect to see results. Consistency is key.
Insect repellent. Forget the horrible store bought bug sprays. Cedarwood is an excellent insecticide. Its been proven effective against mosquitoes, ant, fleas, and ticks. One study even showed that when ticks were exposed to cedrol (thats a component of cedarwood oil) that it killed off 100% of the little pests! 

Spasms. This includes spasms of all types. Respiratory, muscles, heart, nerves, you gotta a spasm, cedarwood has an answer. The soothing properties of cedarwood can helps those who suffer from restless leg syndrome, asthma, and even seizures. 


So, cedarwood is pretty mild. I’ve put it directly on my skin and hair and never had any issues. Although, everyone is different, so always do a patch test first. You can always add a few drops to your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion….basically anything. It’s great for so much, so put it in everything just to cover your bases!
Diffusing is my favorite, and cedarwood smells wonderful, so stick some in with your lavender at bedtime and you won’t even remember your name in the morning. You will sleep AMAZING!
DO NOT ingest cedarwood. It is not for human consumption. Just don’t do it.