Essential Oils: Clary Sage

This week’s spotlight oil was inspired by a friend. I was asked about clary sage and realized I didn’t really know a lot about it. 
I don’t know that a lot of people know about clary sage. It isn’t really a popular one. The only use I really knew it for was hormonal balance. So, I decided to do some research and make it this week’s profile! 


Growing in the Mediterranean regions, clary sage has been used throughout the years as a popular medicinal herb. This was mostly due to its benefits to improve the eyes, but it has many many other health benefits. No, its not the same as the well-known garden herb, but it is a close relative. Almost the entire plant can be used for health benefits in some shape, form or fashion. 


Hormonal support. Like I said, this was really the only use I knew of for clary sage. It helps balance and regulate hormones, so it is a really good oil for menstrual cycles. A study in 2012 measured pain of high school girls during their menstrual cycles. When clary sage and a combination of other oils were massaged into the abdomen, they found that pain was significantly reduced compared to taking acetaminophen. Because clary sage contains estrogen, it can help to regulate your menstrual cycles as well. Balanced levels of estrogen make for a healthy and happy uterus. Not to mention it lowers the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. It can cause bleeding or even induce early labor. Bad for the little nugget!
Blood pressure. Clary sage opens the arteries making blood flow easier. A study in 2013 from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that inhaled clary sage significantly lowered blood pressure. That improves muscle performance and organ function, so basically a 2-in-1 deal.

Anti-depressant.Studies have shown that the effects of clary sage is closely linked to the “feel-good” hormone, dopamine. It relieves stress and anxiety. Its euphoric effects make people experience happiness and confidence. Because of this, it makes it very helpful for recovering addicts. 
Anti-bacterial. A lot of essential oils kill or fight bacteria. Clary sage is no different. Studies have shown that clary sage is particularly beneficial in killing bacteria in the colon, intestines, urinary tract and excretory system. It showed to reduce the growth of E. coli and attack bacteria in several ways. 
Vision support. Probably the oldest use for clary sage is eye health. It dates back centuries. Clary actually comes from the Latin word “clarus” which means “clear”. It is thought to brighten and clear the eyes. It can improve vision and help with fatigue and strain of the eyes. DO NOT PUT CLARY SAGE INTO YOUR EYE. There are other (and safe) ways to reap this benefit.


Clary sage has a weird scent to me. Not unpleasant, but I don’t particularly enjoy the smell. The only way I really use the oil is to mix it into my “Ladylike” roller for menstrual support. (you can get yours from my Etsy store!) I start a few days prior to my cycle and continue throughout. 
For eye support, you can mix it with a carrier and rub on the temples. I’ve never tried it, but several websites suggested that method. Like I said, don’t go dropping clary sage into your eyeball.
Diffusing the the safest and arguably most effective method. It reaches the blood stream faster and doesn’t have hardly any side effects. Of course, make sure you like the smell first, otherwise it won’t be enjoyable.