Essential Oils: Geranium

Geranium. Not very well known, but definitely one to get to know! I don’t enjoy the aroma all that much, but it has a lot of great benefits, so it is worth it. This oil is mainly for health and beauty benefits, so there will be a lot of those in here. Don’t let that deter you though, the big ‘G’ has some tricks up her stem. ( you seem what I did there?! I’m hilarious)


As I mentioned, geranium is mostly used to look beautiful. Even the Egyptians used it. However, with over 400 different varieties of geranium, the benefits are endless. An interesting fact, bee keepers use geranium for their hives because it produces a sweet and pungent honey.


Skin care. First and foremost, geranium is GREAT for the skin. It’ll have you living you best life in no time! It is known for reducing wrinkles, sagging, acne, dry skin… you get the point. If you have a skin issue, try geranium, it’ll probably fix it. It’s a natural astringent, so it will help remove impurities and unclog the pores. On top of all that, it promotes cell growth, so it will help any blemishes you might have heal quicker.
Deodorant. Geranium as a pretty distinct floral scent. SO, naturally, it would make a pretty pleasant smelling deodorant. Just because it smells nice doesn’t mean it works. What makes it great as a deodorant is that is has anti-bacterial properties. That’s what makes your pits stank. Bacteria. Its also a circulatory oil. That makes that your body gets rid of it through perspiration. You see all the connections now? Pretty neat, huh?

Urination. Not what you were expecting, I know. But, can’t argue with the science. Urinating is how your body rids itself of toxins. Because geranium is a diuretic, it increases urination, thus ridding the body of extra toxins. 
Neural Health. The ole noggin. Essential for any living being. Research has shown that geranium can help combat neuro-degenerative diseases. That includes Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is due to the fact that geranium acts as a microglial activator. Basically it reduces the inflammatory compounds that cause neural degeneration.
Anxiety/Depression. The floral aroma of geranium can be soothing. I don’t particularly like the scent, but to each their own! A 2015 studyfound that when pregnant women used geranium during labor, their anxiety was significantly reduced. Those women also experienced decreased blood pressure. Bring on the babies! And the geranium!


So the way I used geranium is in my skin care products. Mix it into your lotions or washes for easy exposure. It is pretty mild, so you can use it directly on the skin. Just do a patch test before slapping it on your face. 
Like I said, I don’t necessarily enjoy the smell, but if you do then diffusing is a great way to get it into your system. Plus, it will keep you feeling calm, cool and collected!