Essential Oils: Lemongrass

Lemongrass is not a popular oil. Its not one that people think about when they start to build their oily arsenal. I myself didn’t know a ton about lemongrass until I started researching lemongrass and reading studies and medical journals. 


Lemongrass or Cymbopogon citratus originated in Southeast Asia. It is literally a grass. It grows very fast just like many other grasses. Even though the name says lemon, it doesn’t actually smell like the lemon fruit. However, it does have a citrus-y scent. Its often the replacement for lemon when you don’t want such a powerful scent or flavor. Many Chinese and Thai dishes use lemongrass. 


Antibacterial/Antifungal. We all know germs aren’t too keen on citrus anything. That’s why the make such good cleaners! Well lemongrass is no different. It can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and molds. It works both internally and externally. Studiesshow that lemongrass was effective against several drug-resistant bacteria. 
Internal health. Refer to the above section. Bad bacteria can cause MAJOR issues for the human body. Lemongrass can help ensure your insides stay in tip top shape. It aids with digestion, bowel movements and removes excess gas. It is also a diuretic. In other words, it makes you pee a lot. Which is the number one way your body rids itself of toxins! That’s why they tell you to drink water to detox. More urination, less toxins. 
Odor eater. I personally like the smell of lemongrass. It smells clean. Y’all know exactly what I mean by that. Well lemongrass makes a great room deodorizer as well as deodorant! Because it fights bacteria in the armpits, it reduces the stank that comes from those living bacteria. Yeah, that’s what makes you smell like a locker room. The bacteria living in ya pits!

Lactation. I know breast milk is like gold. My sister would’ve slit my throat over some spilled milk. (Not, literally slit my throat, but she would’ve been mad) Lemongrass can help in the production of milk. It also enhances the quality of the milk. Because lemongrass is a galactogogue, it helps the babies fight infections.
Stress reducer. Lemongrass lifts the spirits and helps fight stress, anxiety and depression. A 2015 study found that when lemongrass was massaged on the body, participants had lower diastolic blood pressure. Like I mentioned, I like the clean scent of lemongrass which makes me feel better and less stressed. 


I use lemongrass both topically and through inhalation on a regular basis. I use it in my face washes and serums, or just open the bottle for a whif! It smells great, so adding it to a diffuser blend can give s subtle citrus scent to the room.
Although I’ve never ingested the lemongrass essential oil, people eat the actual plant regularly. It’s used in countless recipes and teas. Adds great flavor to your dishes! It’s obviously not harmful for human consumption, just make sure you remember that essential oils are VERY concentrated. So, adjust accordingly.