Essential Oils: Pine

Ever wonder why all your cleaners smell like pine? That’s because pine and good health is a connection as old as the hills. Pine oil should not be confused with Pine Nut oil. Not the same thing. Pine is from the actual needles of the tree or sometimes even the bark. Which is why smells like a lumberjack. 


Pine (Pinus sylvestris) has been around since ancient Greece. Even Hippocrates used pine oil. He noted that it has a strong healing effect on the human respiratory system. People even used to use it on their mattresses to repel lice and fleas. Pine oil can come from different species of pine trees. The most common is the Scotch pine or Norway pine which is what most essential oil companies use.  Fun fact about pine oil, it is one of the few oils that can withstand extremely cold temperatures (as low as minus 40). 


Muscle Pains. Pine reduces redness and swelling. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can be used to ease joint and muscle pain. Many people use it topically or add it to a hot bath for the soothing effects.

Anti-viral. Nobody likes the common cold/flu. Well, pine is here to save the day. It cleanses the home of pathogens as well as purifies the air. Pine can also relieve congestion and help the body break up mucus in the lungs. It can also ease allergy symptoms and relieve sinusitis. 
Antioxidant. We talked a little about antioxidants in my lavender post. Pine helps flush out toxins from the body and waste. It neutralizes free-radicals and helps to protect our immune system by slowing cell deterioration. 
Cleaner. We all know pine is used in just about every cleaner you can by. It smells fresh and the scent is considered ‘clean’. Well that’s because it really is clean. It has been shown to kill off many household germs to include mildew, yeast and E.coli. 


I don’t recommend using pine oil undiluted on the skin. I typically mix it with other oils and a carrier. It’s easiest if you mix it all in a roller bottle.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of diffusing. Throw that bad boy in the diffuser and let it do its thing. People will think your house is squeaky clean. During Christmas, I would diffuse pine regularly. It was all the benefits of a real tree without all the hassle.
I don’t know that I would enjoy the taste of pine, so I’m not even going to suggest using it internally. To me, it’s just not one to be used on the inside of the body. But to each their own!