My Top 5 'No Commitment' Oil Companies

So, we’ve all heard about essential oils. However, most of us associate them with the pyramid schemes of the few top companies. Look, I’m not saying those companies are bad and you shouldn’t buy from them. they actually have very high quality products. All I’m saying is not all of us have the time and money to devote to these companies. I did it for a long time and I ended up losing thousands of dollars. Yeah, you read that right, THOUSANDS. I spent a MINIMUM of $100 a month (often more) to benefit from the “perks” the company offered. After adding up all of my orders from March 2017- March 2019, I spent a total of $3551.30. In that same period, I only received $223.30 in commissions and “perks”. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have that money to be wasting.

There are plenty of companies out there who require no commitment to purchase their oils. I’m going to go through quality standards, price (lavender, lemon, tea tree) and unique qualities. This isn’t a detailed overview of each company, but it is a good start. I still suggest visiting each website to get a better feel for each of the companies. Here are my top ‘no commitment’ companies in no particular order:
RMO has a S.A.A.F.E. Promise. They provide GC/MS testing results free of charge and have a 90-day return policy. Each bottle has the batch number on the bottom. You can search and see what your bottle tested at.  They test each sample for purity both in house and by a third party. Their in-house chemist also tests oils using organoleptic, refractive index, and other tests. Internal quality control is a big priority for them. In my experience, they are the most honest and upfront about testing results and are willing to answer any and all questions. 
So, RMO isn’t the cheapest around, but still very affordable. Plus they offer FREE shipping on all U.S. orders. Since shipping can get costly depending on location, that is something to factor in when deciding on what company to purchase from. 
15ml Lavender: $22.95
15ml Lemon: $11.95
15ml Tea Tree: $21.95
Unique Qualities
RMO has some really neat features. First, they offer more than just oils. They have all sorts of products! They offer everything from personal products to products for your home. Another thing I really admire them for is the information they add to their site. For example, on each oil, it shows you what it is good for. This is really helpful especially if you are new to the oily world. Lastly, they do have a rewards program, although it doesn’t require a monthly purchase. You simply earn points from your purchases and can cash in for coupons! I’ve only spent about $200 on their oils and already have $200 worth of coupons! 
Mountain Rose Herbs strive for great quality from sourcing to bottling. Everything cultivated is either certified organic or cultivated without chemicals. Each plant they harvest is ensured to only disrupt sustainability by 10%. That’s pretty huge actually. Sustainability is a major part of the oil world. The harder a plant is to get, the higher oil prices go and the greater the risk for environmental impact. Not to mention an increase in fraudulent oils. If it is harder to get the plant, companies want to spread that as far as it will go. Thus adding synthetics which is a no go. They also thoroughly test their oils, maybe even more so than other companies. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting a high quality oil.
Pricing is very reasonable and very competitive to other companies. They are a wholesale company, so prices are generally lower. This is a popular brand among DIY-ers since you can buy in bulk. They come in a variety of sizes, but for comparison purposes, we’re sticking with 15ml options.
15ml Lavender: $13.25
15ml Lemon: $7.25
15ml Tea Tree: $8.00
Unique Qualities
Mountain Rose also offers a variety of natural living supplements and essentials. They have carrier oils, clays, tonics, you name it. Its a really good place to start if you really want to get into the holistic health sector. Like I mentioned in pricing, they are a wholesale company, so they offer bulk options for a lot of different products and ingredients. There isn’t any rewards program, but with the pricing as low as it is, there isn’t really a need for it!
Plant Therapy tests both in house and with a third party. They say that with each oil batch, they test 3-5 samples. They are organoleptically tested in house before being sent to a third party testing facility. Robert Tisserandis their in house expert and has 40 years’ experience with organoleptic testing. They provide all the GC/MS batch numbers on the oil bottles, so you can look at the report for each batch. This is a pretty standard procedure for testing by well established companies. So, nothing out of the ordinary here. 
Plant Therapy has very competitive prices. Especially since they aren’t a wholesale company. They don’t offer 15ml bottles like the other companies, so I went with a 30ml bottle. Just keep in mind, this is the price for TWICE as much as the other companies.
30ml Lavender: $15.95
30ml Lemon: $10.95
30ml Tea Tree: $9.95
Unique Qualities
One thing I really like about Plant Therapy is that they offer a wide variety of organic oils. Most companies have a select group of organic oils, but Plant Therapy has an organic form of almost all of their oils. They also offer a wide range of size options, so it can fit whatever your oily needs may be. One of the biggest perks is you can buy them on Amazon. They also offer a rewards program. You can earn 10pts/ per dollar spent. Then exchange these points for coupons. Cheap oils and perks! A bargain shoppers dream.
Eden’s Garden offers the E.D.E.N.S. pledge. Get it? I thought it was pretty clever. Anyway… it stands for Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, Safe. Really, we just care about the ‘N’ and ‘S’. The other letters just promise great customer service, and oily education. All of which are important, but not for the purpose of this section. Eden’s garden is an eco-conscious company and try to sustain their sources. They provide certificates of analysis and MSDS when requested. The last part of that is that they guarantee the quality of products and third party GC/MS test their oils. 
Eden’s Garden also is very budget friendly. They hold their own when compared to a lot of other companies. This is especially true since they offer much bigger sizes than the typical oil company. While not a wholesale company per say, their prices beg to differ. Like Plant Therapy, they don’t offer the typical 15ml bottles, so I went with the 30ml bottle as well. 
30ml Lavender: $16.95
30ml Lemon: $16.95
30ml Tea Tree: $16.95
I know what you’re thinking….and no, not all of their bottles are $16.95. These are just pretty common oils, so they would be similar in processing and sourcing.
Unique Qualities
My favorite thing about Eden’s Garden is the variety. They have a TON of oils. Some of them I have never even heard of before and essential oils are my life. I mean the list goes on people! They also have a pretty good selection of personal care products. They offer a rewards program similar to the other companies. It’s called ‘Aroma notes’. You earn 1 note per dollar spent until you reach 5,000 notes. Then your earning rate switches to a whopping 2 notes per dollar. You exchange the notes for coupons to spend on their products!

If you’ve been to a Whole Foods, I’m sure you’ve seen this brand. Aura Cacia is part of the Frontier Co-op. Frontier is a member owned cooperative and has a lot more control over the workings of the company. Which is great for us as consumers! They are dedicated to sustainable sourcing and test every shipment of oil they receive. You can return any item, for any reason. One thing I will say is that I’m always a bit more cautious with oils from the supermarket. They tend to not be as high quality as the ones you get from the actual company. I have used this brand before though and they worked just as well with no adverse side effects! 
Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. Aura Cacia doesn’t have the typical milliliters scale. Most of their oils are 0.25-0.5 fl oz. That’s about 7-15ml. So, just keep that in mind when shopping. They do offer bigger sizes (2-4 oz) quantities as well. 
0.5oz Lavender: $13.15
0.5oz Lemon: $5.49
0.5oz Tea Tree: $8.59
Unique Qualities
Probably the best thing about Aura Cacia is that you can find them in stores. Specifically Whole Foods. Which, as Amazon Prime members, you get extra discounts. Another really great thing about them is that they offer a lot of variety. There are different types of almost all of the oils, including organic variations. They offer a lot of knowledge material which is always great when dealing in the essential oil world. That lets you know that they aren’t just focused on making a profit.
I’m not an affiliate with any of these companies, so I ain’t making jack from any link you follow.  I just honestly care about knowledge of the essential oil world and sharing it with people. There is so much out there to learn and getting caught in the traps for big marketing can be detrimental to your knowledge, usage and bank account. Essential oils are a great thing and everyone should be able to purchase them without feeling an obligation. Hopefully this helped someone on their journey to natural living. If you want to know a little more about essential oils before you get started, check out my previous post!Feel free to ask any questions or argue your points! If you feel like I’m doing a disservice, I’m all ears! I can research any company you’re interested in or tell you more about the five I listed.