Why I'm OBSESSED with this Essential Oil Company

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Alright y’all, so in the past I did a post about my top 5 ‘no commitment’ oil companies. My research literally never ends, so I happen to stumble across a brand called REVIVE. Let me tell you, I. AM. OBSESSED. Seriously, I have hit the holy grail of the oil world.
I loved them so much that I even contacted them about using them exclusively in my skincare products.
Cheap. High quality. Cheap. (I had to say it twice)
So, why is this the greatest company I’ve found to date?

Please disregard my dirty table 🙂

1. High Quality

Everything they offered is GC/MS tested (and additionally tested 20 other ways), sustainably sourced and bottled right here in the U.S. of A. Not only do they test the oils, but they test the plants before to ensure they are free of all things gross and harmful. They are comparable to the top companies in the business and I feel comfortable using them for any and all oily ideas.

2. Return Policy

Some of the bigger companies also have return polices, but I’ve NEVER seen one this good. 100-day money back guarantee. REGARDLESS. Opened bottles, used bottles, doesn’t matter. Send it back for a refund of EXCHANGE. Yeah, if you want to swap it out, they will exchange it for you. I mean obviously don’t abuse the system, but this is awesome for new oil users. It allows you the chance to try it out without a commitment.


I’m talking like cheap, cheap. I’ve bought a lot of oils in my time and I’ve never seen anything compare to this.
30ml Lavender is $13. Compare that to one of the top essential oil companies where HALF the amount is $25. Pretty killer deal. Here are a few other comparisons:
30ml Lemon $17 vs 15ml Lemon at $11.50
30ml Tea Tree $17 vs 15ml Tea Tree $26.75
Pretty significant difference for the same quality oil.

4. FREE Shipping

EVERY order within the United States and Canada has free shipping. That is huge! Shipping often accounts for a large portion of your order, so it’s really nice to not worry about that extra cost. If you don’t live in one of the two places, they even offer to work something out for you! All you have to do it email them. If that ain’t customer service, I don’t know what is.

5. Customer Service

Y’all see how I transitioned there?!
So this is probably the best customer experience I’ve had with an oil company. I emailed them about being an exclusive purchaser and asked a few additional questions I had. It didn’t even take them 2-hours for someone to get back with me. They answered every question and even offered me 10% off and my own coupon code! Which they also said I could share with my friends (that’s y’all, so scroll down for it).

I really was just blown away but the quality of the products and company. Truly a breath of fresh air from the other companies I’ve experienced.
They have a mission to give everyone the opportunity to gain access to a better life and I can honestly say they have done just that.
I wish I would’ve found them sooner!! Head on over and check them out. Use HOLREVIVE10 for an extra discount and save yourself a couple extra bucks!


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