Why Natural Alternatives Didn't Work for You

I hear it all the time, “I tried using *insert natural remedy here* and it didn’t help any.” They have one bad experience and natural remedies are blacklisted forever. I always find it hilarious because these natural remedies have been around for centuries and worked just fine. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE science and the advances we have made as a society. However, most of the time, going back to the basics can be more beneficial than you might realize.  Most of the ineffectiveness experienced with natural alternatives comes from human error. Yeah, you’re the problem. *GASP*

In my experience helping people to develop a natural lifestyle, I find that their failure stems mostly from three things: they use the wrong remedy for their ailment, they aren’t using it consistently, and they haven’t allowed adequate time to see results. 

1)      Wrong Remedy

With so many natural alternatives out there, it can be hard to determine which one will work best for your ailment. Without extensive research, you can easily end up trying numerous concoctions with little success. It could simply be because you are using the wrong one. For example, if I’m trying to make a homemade bug repellent, I wouldn’t use rose essential oil. Just like if I’m trying to improve skin health, I wouldn’t use citronella essential oil. Many herbs, essential oils, methods, etc. have multiple uses. Finding the one that best fits can be tricky. Many plants have hidden potential and it can be hard discovering just what works.
Research is your best friend. It is best to thoroughly study multiple (and reliable) sources before choosing which remedy works best for you to achieve your end result. You’ll be bombarded with suggestions from others. When you experience this, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. You can’t trust every blog out there. We bloggers are not experts (myself included)! Science is never wrong and the more tangible evidence you can find for a specific course of treatment, the more reliable it probably is.

2)      Inconsistency

Arguably the most common mistake people make is expecting natural alternatives to work the first time. Let’s be real people. That’s not going to happen (for the most part). You can’t use apple cider vinegar in your hair once and expect it to magically give you the luxurious locks you desire. It takes consistent usage to reap the benefits. I see all too often people getting really excited for natural switches and a week later they are back to their old ways. “It just wasn’t giving me the results I hoped for.” Well duh! Natural alternatives are free from the toxins and chemicals that speed up results, so there is no way to get results from single uses or even in the first several uses. You have to use natural alternatives on a routine basis for them to work appropriately. 
This is why many remedies call for multiple applications throughout the day. Natural alternatives are like exercise. If you do it regularly, you will see the results. 
Consistency is key. If you aren’t willing to incorporate natural remedies into your everyday life, they will never work for you. 

3)      Impatience

So, this goes right along with inconsistency. Unlike chemical filled products, natural remedies don’t work instantly. IT TAKES TIME. Natural alternatives change how your body functions (in a safe and healthy way) and helps it to correct whatever issue you are experiencing. Chemicals and toxins disrupt your body’s natural processes. I like to use deodorant as an example for this. Most deodorants contain aluminum. When you apply it to your underarms, it clogs sweat glands, thus reducing perspiration and odor. While it is serving its intended purpose, it’s doing so at an expense to your health. It’s not only clogging the sweat glands but wreaking the rest of your body as well. THIS IS SO BAD! Your body rids itself of waste in two main ways, urine and sweat. If you are interfering with your body’s processes then your body can’t get rid of what it needs too. Nobody likes to sweat and nobody likes to stink. I totally get it. However, there are numerous natural deodorants and armpit detox methods that are proven effective. 
Natural alternatives revert your body back to the way it was intended to work. It does take time. Don’t get discouraged because it’s been two days and you haven’t seen improvement. Often things must get worse before they get better. 

 Don’t give up….

Natural remedies can’t fix everything. I have no shame in admitting that. Modern advances in science and medicine are the reason we have extended our life span significantly. The problem is that we have become so reliant on the chemical-filled products of convenience that we have disrupted the way the Good Lord intended for our bodies to operate. Natural remedies help to correct that and get us back to functioning at optimal performance. They allow for sustainable and healthy living. 
Next time you try a natural alternative, remember to give it time, use it as directed and DO YOUR RESEARCH!


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