Saving Money on your Walt Disney World Vacation

If you have ever looked into a Disney World Vacation, they can get EXPENSIVE. As a budget traveller myself, I've compiled a list of things to help you save the most money on your trip. This ensures everyone gets the opportunity to experience the magic!

1. Visit During the Right Time of Year
This will hands down be your biggest money saver. Especially if you plan on staying in a Disney Resort. Best times to travel are during January, early February (prior to Presidents Day), October (with the exception of Halloween), November (with the exception of Thanksgiving week), and early December. These are typically when school is in session and considered "non-peak" times. Prices for hotels will be cheaper, crowds will be lower and you'll be able to enjoy your vacation more!

2. Stay Offsite
Disney Resorts are not cheap. Even if you go during one of the times I mentioned above, you're still going shell out a pretty penny. Disney partners with a lot of offsite hotels called "Good Neighbor" hotels. These are not Disney owned, but they are Disney approved. So, you can still experience the magic of Disney, but at a much lower price!

3. Find Onsite Deals
If you are just set on staying at an onsite resort, then find the deals! There is almost always some kind of deal happening, you just have to look for them. Be flexible in your dates and you will be surprised at what you can get. Don't forget Disney also has an RV park for pretty decent rates. Also, there are options to use sites to purchase Disney Vacation Club points. This often comes in much lower than purchasing directly with Disney. Ask me for more details if you're interested!

4. Deals on Park Tickets
Disney runs ticket deals on occasion, but companies like Get Away Today offer discounted tickets as well. The great thing about Get Away Today is they will actually price match! If you find it cheaper somewhere else, they will match the price or even beat it! Don't forget for my military can purchase extremely discounted tickets from your base ITT office or Shades of Green. 

5. Base Ticket vs. Park Hopper
I know people enjoy the luxury of being able to visit multiple parks in a day, but you can save some serious cash if you choose the base ticket instead of the park hopper option. You can actually waste a lot of time hopping between the parks, so it might not be such a bad option to stick in one spot for the day!

6. Consider Skipping the Dining Plans
While the dining plan can save some families money, I recommend skipping it if you're trying to save extra cash anywhere possible. You can bring food into the parks. So, pack a small bag with lunch and a few snacks instead. You an always budget for small snacks in the park which will cost significantly less that full meals. You can also get FREE cups of ice water at Disney parks. Bring a refillable water bottle and your drinks for the day are covered! 

7. Buy Before You Go
Disney merchandise is expensive as is, but it is extra expensive in the park stores. So, stock up on ears, pins, autograph books, etc before you go. Forget something? No need to panic and run to the gift shop. Amazon as One-day delivery to Orlando and the Disney parks. Purchase and have it sent to your hotel!

8. Take Your Own Photos
Disney does offer the Memory Maker Photopass, but you can get the same pictures for FREE. You can hand the Photographer your phone and get the exact some picture as you would purchasing the package. Yeah...its really that easy. 

9. Plan a Day Away From the Parks
Have a resort day! Disney tickets are for a particular window. They don't have to be used on consecutive days. So, purchase one less day and spend it at your resort! You can also walk around Disney Springs or visit neighboring resorts. 

10. Avoid Scanning those Magic Bands
It can be really easy to just scan that band and make purchases, but you can easily lose track of just how much you're spending. Give everyone a daily budget (preferably cash) and have them stick too it. The Disney bubble is a real thing and you can quickly forget there is a real world outside. Keep yourself on track!

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