10 FREE Things on A Carnival Cruise

Did you know that there are tons of FREE stuff on Carnival cruises? Some might be well known, but others not so much. I didn't know about a lot of these on my first cruise and I wish I had! You can get some pretty good stuff if you know where to look!

1. Games

Forgot some games to play in the room or sitting on the deck? No problem! You have a few options...First, check out the library for board or card games. They usually have several options to choose from. Secondly, ask guest services for a deck of cards. If they have any on hand, they will give them to you for FREE. They are yours to keep or return when you disembark!

2. Special Event Gifts

Are you celebrating anything on your cruise? Make sure the staff knows! You can get all kinds of freebies for celebrating. We travelled the month of Andrew's birthday and he got a gift card for FREE spa treatments. This can vary from desserts, to gift cards, to little knick knacks. You never know what you might get, so make sure you advertise it!

3. Bottle of Wine

Most all Carnival ships have a steakhouse restaurant. If you book dinner at the steakhouse on the night of embarkation (the day you set sail) they will give you a FREE bottle of house wine for the table. If you didn't purchase the beverage package, you know alcoholic drinks are pretty pricey on cruise ships. So, this is a good way to get some for free! Honestly, the food is worth it on its on! Probably one of my favorite meals onboard.

4. Italian Lunch

On ships that have a Cucina Del Capitano, you can eat lunch for FREE. For dinner this restaurant is considered a "speciality" and will cost extra, but if you just want to give it a try then go during lunch. You won't get the same options as dinner, but who can pass up a free pasta bar?!

5. Raffles 

They always have a raffle. Sometimes there are multiple in the same day. Go put your name in! You might just get lucky. It doesn't cost anything and typically they offer some pretty neat things. If you don't win, you don't lose anything. Give it a try and you never know what neat prizes you might walk away with. 

6. Casino Lanyard

Forgot to bring a lanyard for your Sail and Sign card? No worries! Go over to the casino and ask for one. Now, it won't be the nicest...but it will get the job done. Your Sail and Sign card is your life on Carnival cruises. You DO NOT want to lose it. Casino lanyards might not be the most stylish, but its free and you won't lose your card.

7. Get ALLLLL the Food

If you don't know, majority of food on a cruise ship is included in your cruise fair. Even the evening dinner in the large dining rooms. YOU CAN GET AS MANY SERVINGS AS YOU WANT. See a few things on the menu you want to try? Get both! Ordered something and didn't like it? Get something else! You can have as much as you like. There are upgrades to dinner that you might have to pay for, like a lobster tail for example, but 99% of the menu is included. Go ahead and get you that appetizer, entree AND dessert....maybe even TWO!

8. "Happy Hour"

I guess this isn't really "free", but it is a HUGE discount. After boarding, Carnival pubs (particularly Red Frog Pub) has half-priced beverages. Once again, alcohol can be expensive, so you need to take advantage of the deals! I usually get the Fish Bowl. It's absolutely MASSIVE and can easily be shared between multiple people. Normally it costs $20, but during Happy Hour its only $10! Just a few dollars if split among a few people.  

9. Shop Demos

Carnival loves their shops! They usually have shop demos throughout the cruise to show off merchandise. They usually last less than 20 minutes and almost always give out a little freebie at the end. Some of them even offer free champagne. On my last cruise, I went to a shop demo and the freebie was a solitaire sapphire necklace. Not the most expensive thing, but still worth my time. Art auctions usually take place several times throughout the cruise as well. They always offer a free drink. So, if you're feeling fancy, head over, take a peak and have a  drink!

10. Classes

The possibilities for entertainment on a cruise ship are endless. Often they have free classes in tons of topics. Cooking, skincare, mixology...there's always something. Go take advantage of those! They also usually give away freebies. On my last cruise, I attended a skincare class. We gave ourselves mini facials and I was glowing! My skin felt so refreshed. They even gave away the entire home spa kit we used to several lucky ladies!


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