Process of Working with a Travel Agent

Travel agents aren't as popular as they used to be. The industry has become more user friendly and most people book their travel on their own. I was one of those people. I would spend HOURS and HOURS planning out a vacation. I love to do it, which is why I decided to help those who don't enjoy it as much. 

In case you've never used a travel agent before, I've laid out the process for how it is working with me. It's much simpler than you might think and my help comes at no additional cost to you! I want to make 100% sure you are stress-free and have the adventure of a lifetime! 

Step 1: Initial Consultation

This is where I get to learn about you, your interests, and what kind of vacation you're looking for. I have a set of blanket questions that I ask all new clients. This gives me a better idea of how to plan and direct your vacation. This is where you have the opportunity to tell me your must-haves, budget, dates, as well as any and everything you want to ensure happens (or doesn't happen) on your vacation. This usually takes place in an email, phone call, form, etc. Whatever method of communication you're most comfortable with, I can make it happen. 

Step 2: Quotes

Before I ever book anything or ask for any payment, I send quotes. These can be package deals, hotels, flights, tours, etc. I want to ensure you have the full range of possibilities. After all, this is YOUR vacation. I'm just here to take away the stress. Typically, depending on what your main focus for the vacation is, I will narrow it down to 3-5 options I feel best suit you, your needs, and your budget. From there you can pick from the options or we can start from scratch. If you already have something in mind and would like for me to look into it for you, I can do that as well. I know a lot of people see different resorts or destinations online or on TV and just want more information about it! All quotes are 100% FREE and you can get as many as you would like. 

Step 3: Booking

Once you have decided on the different aspects of your vacation, I will move to the booking stage. I will always verify travel details before submitting payment.  I want you to double and triple check to make sure I have done everything exactly like you want. There are several forms to fill out to protect you and me from anything that might go wrong. Only after I have final verification will I ask for payment. We can do one payment or I can set you up on a monthly payment plan. I understand everyone has a different financial situation and I can work with you to find something to best suit you. 
**Payments can be made over the phone or through secure payment processing (Square).**

Step 4: Confirmations

Once I have the booking completed, I will send you everything you need. HÖL utilizes a travel app that allows for all of your travel details in one convenient place! No carrying around papers or worrying if you can't get logged into email, airline apps, etc. It is available offline and 100% FREE! However, my motto is to never have a single point of failure, so you can choose to receive the same information via email or printed copy. 

Step 5: Finalization

I won't ever just book your vacation and leave you to fend for yourself. I'll be constantly checking for updates and informing you of any changes. Prior to your departure, I'll ensure you have all necessary information to make your trip run smoothly, answer any last minute questions and send out your HÖL  travel pack! Each pack varies since I try to make it special for every client!

Step 6: Bon Voyage!

You're off! Hopefully, I have done everything to your satisfaction at this point and you're off for an adventure of a lifetime! During and after your trip, I will be available to answer any questions and deal with any issues that might arise while traveling. I work for you and will handle all the hiccups. You just enjoy the trip and leave the worries to me!

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how the process works. Each client is different and the actually process might look a little different for everyone. If you have any other questions about working with a travel agent or even becoming a travel agent, please feel free to contact me. HAPPY TRAVELS!