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10 Places to Stay in Salem, Massachusetts

Finding places to stay can be exhausting. There are soooo many options. Lodging often takes up most of the travel budget too! So, it is very very important to find options that will give you the experience you're looking for at a price point you can afford. I've laid out 10 places to stay in Salem. Some are going to give you that traditional "Salem" feel. While others are more of a traditional hotel experience. These are not in any particular order. The prices of the hotels are the cheapest I was able to find at the time of this post. Just remember that prices will vary dramatically depending on what time of the year you decide to visit.   1. The Salem Inn Price: $125 Website: The inn is actually a combination of three homes: West House, Curwen House, and Peabody House. Room 17 of the West House is said to be haunted! Each offers complimentary breakfast as well.  West House The West House is the largest of the Inn's homes. Built in 1834 by