2-Day Titanic Itinerary

 Alright, not going to lie, I'm a little obsessed with the Titanic. By a little, I mean A LOT! Not just by the movie starring Leo and Kate, but by the story. It is only fitting that I do a Titanic post since Ireland (particularly Belfast) is where the ship of dreams got her start.


🅐 Start your day off with a cup of coffee in Titanic Quarter. The Paper Cup offers coffee and plenty of breakfast options to get your day started on the right foot. 

🅑 Once you've finished breakfast, make the short walk to the Titanic Belfast . This is the largest visitor experience in the world and tells the tragic fate of the ship. Complete with interactive exhibits, hands on displays and recreated cabins, this is a Titanic lovers dream! The coolest thing about the museum? It is situated in the same exact location the Titanic was built. 

Titanic Belfast - Belfast - Discover Northern Ireland

If you need a little snack or some lunch, pop into Bistro 401 and get some traditional Fish and Chips or other Titanic goodies. 

🅒 Once you've had your fill of the exhibits, move to the SS Nomadic. This once carried passengers from France onto the Titanic. You can come aboard the ship and walk in the footsteps of passengers on the Titanic's little sister. 

🅓 To end the day, enjoy a 9-course recreation of the First class menu from the last night on the Titanic. Rayanne House offers two Titanic experiences for dinner. Just make sure to check when they are available since they are only served on certain nights. 

Rayanne House, Holywood – Updated 2020 Prices


🅔 Can't start the day without coffee! Grab one from the Pump House and enjoy a morning stroll along Thompson Dry Dock where the Titanic got her final touches and rested the night before her main and final voyage. 

🅕 Belfast is known for its maritime history, not just for the Titanic, although it is probably the most famous. Take a boat tour along River Lagan and take in the sites from the water. The Titanic Belfast is a site in itself from any angle! 

Titanic Memorial Garden | Attractions | Visit Belfast

🅖 Once you've gotten a good understanding of the ship of dreams, go to honor those who lost their lives at the Titanic Memorial Garden and Monument at Belfast City Hall. See and reflect on each of the 1,512 names etched on bronze plaques. 

🅗 End your journey at Robinson's Bar and feel like you've truly stepped onto the Titanic. Authentic Titanic relics, dark wood features and polished brass will make anyone feel like they were a first class passenger. 

While everyone might not be a Titanic nerd like myself, all these sites would be worth the time. This was such an impactful moment in history and deserves the spotlight. For further detail or help planning your itinerary, please don't hesitate to contact me!