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See Savannah for Under $100

 Savannah, Georgia is a city full of history and things to see. Every where you look there's a historical mansion or a beautiful city square. You could walk around for weeks and find something new every day! There's so much to see, that it can get overwhelming trying to decide (also very expensive). So, I've come up with a good way to hit most of the highlights and stay friendly to your pocket book. This covers 13 sights throughout the city and the grand total comes out to just $90.13 . That's just under $7 a location on average.  Check out the map below for locations and easy walking directions. It links to google maps, so you can use it on your phone! We're going to start with two 'bundles', for lack of a better term. These tickets are good for three sites each. Telfair Museums : $20 This bundle include the Owens-Thomas House and Slave Quarters, Telfair Academy, and Jepson Center. The normal adult ticket costs $20, but they do offer discounted tickets for