Travel Rewards: Marriott Bonvoy and United MileagePlus

Travel rewards are your secret weapon for getting cheap deals on hotels and flights. What makes it even better? When you can extend your travel rewards program to other rewards programs! One of my favorite partnerships in the travel industry is the RewardsPlus program between Marriott Bonvoy and United MileagePlus. Below we will break out the benefits just a little bit further to show you how to maximize your travel rewards! Travel rewards can allow the opportunity to see new places, enjoy new experiences and do so on a budget! These programs are 100% free to sign-up for and can be invaluable in getting you travel deals. 

Status Matching

The first and one of the best benefits is the ability to status match. If you’re a loyal member of either program, you can match your status with the other! Marriott Bonvoy Titanium Elite or Ambassadors qualify for Premier Silver with United. United MileagePlus Premier Gold, Platinum or 1K Elite members can match their status to become a Marriott Gold member. This allows you to take advantage of additional benefits without having to purchase any flights or book hotel stays. Click the links below to see the full benefits for both Marriott Bonvoy and United MileagePlus

Marriott Bonvoy Membership Benefits     United MileagePlus Membership Benefits

So which side gets the better deal? Marriott Bonvoy members matching to MileagePlus Premier Silver are going to receive the better end of the deal. Getting Marriott Gold status is relatively simple and is even given as a complimentary benefit if you hold the following credit cards:
1. American Express Platinum
2. Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant by American Express

United Premier Silver isn’t as easily attainable and requires a much higher spend EVERY YEAR. While Premier Silver status doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade, it can be very beneficial for people who aren’t frequent flyers. You will receive some pretty good benefits and the opportunity to earn miles faster, which will boost your status even further! 

Rewards Swaps 

If you don’t have status with either of the programs, no worries! You can always transfer points or miles between the two. Because of the partnership, Marriott and United have an increased transfer ratio. 

1 Marriott Bonvoy Point = 1.1 United Mile

1 United Mile = 1 Marriott Bonvoy Point

Transferring points to miles is definitely going to be your best option and give you the most value for each of your points. While that doesn’t seem like much, other airlines typically offer a 3:1 swap or a 1:1 swap. So the extra 10% bonus on your points can really add up! Another perk of swapping Marriott points to United miles is that for every 60,000 Marriott points transferred, you receive an extra 5,000 miles. 

In order to transfer points to miles or vice versa, use one of the links below.

Marriott Bonvoy Points to Miles     United MileagePlus Miles to Points

Maximize Earnings

If you participate the the status matching, then you are well on your way to maximizing your earnings. As a Marriott Gold member, you earn 25% more points per stay. As a United Premier Silver, you will earn 7 times the miles every time you fly. This will help you rack up those rewards and move up tiers!

You can earn points or miles by doing more than just traveling. For instance, United has a shopping portal where you can earn miles on purchases at over 900 online stores. Simply shop from you favorite store via After you check out, your earned miles will automatically be added to your MileagePlus account. United also gives you the opportunity to earn miles on your hotel stays! Book your stay via and your miles will be added to your MileagePlus account after you stay. 

One of the easiest ways to maximize your rewards is to get a branded credit card. This concept scares a lot of people, but it is the fastest and easiest way to earn rewards and maintain status. Both Marriott and United have branded credit cards which offer point bonuses for opening. Use this card for everyday purchases (like groceries, gas, dining out, etc) and instantly earn rewards! You can't beat getting rewarded for everyday purchases! 

The PointsGuy has a really good breakout of the different Marriott credit cards, CLICK HERE

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